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Heavenly Father Jehovah God, I give you all praise and acknowledge you in this day, that you are in Control. I pray that you go into the heart, mind, and soul of Donald Trump and you order his steps direct his path... let him know that his plans are not your plans. Help him run this country how you see fit, not how he sees fit. You are Lord and you reign forever. I have faith in you Lord God, our lives are in your hands. Give us the strength and energy to keep moving forward. Remove all fear of man from us, so we do not live by fear, but by faith in you Lord God. Hold us so we don't be moved. I give you all the Glory and Praise and I pray that their will be others that will stand with me Lord in giving you Honor.. that will stand with me and say Lord we WELCOME you in our land America, in our hearts, soul and mind, we WELCOME you in our homes, in our lives Lord God. I pray Lord Jesus that their will be others that stand with me and say Forgive us, for allowing the opposed to remove you out of our Country, out of our schools, our of our court houses.. We WELCOME you Lord God in all areas of our life.. Place you hands in this situation, place your hands on Donald Trump, place your hands in our communities.. In Jesus Holy name I pray Amen. 11/10/2016
Prayer time: Heavenly Father Lord God, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I pray for America, I stand in the gap and ask forgiveness for America Father, because they know not what they are doing. I pray that you come and correct, discipline and rebuke those that do harm, rob, kill, destroy, those that seek to devour. I ask for protection Lord God, over our lives, our lively hood, finances, bank accounts, our homes, internet, our transportation, protect us from those who seek to destroy America and the people in it. Protect us from the hidden evil that hides behind closed door, in the darkness. Expose the snakes, the liars, the ones that deceive. Continue to fill our hearts, mind and souls with love, comfort, joy and peace. Continue to fill us with hope in you Lord God. Draw us closer and nearer to you Lord God. Fill us with boldness to stand for you and your cause and all who you are Lord God. Do not let us get weary and faint. Fill us with the energy and strength to keep going, moving Forward, being prepared for whatever comes our way. Continue to teach us Lord God how to love one another, take care of one another, and to be there for one another. Place praise and worship in us, let us dance. Even in the midst of Storms. Let us build Lord God places of refuge for the lost, fearful, and hungry. Lord God I know you hear our prayers, you see all, so help us not only to have the patience, but open our eyes to see your hand in the situations that are going on in America and all over the world. Open our eyes to see the solutions to problems that you have already set before us. I praise you and worship you and call these things done. I pray the is prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen 10/21/2016